Thursday, June 20, 2013

We All Scream for Ice Cream!

By Annmarie Dean / Artwork by Steve Karosik

One thing that’s a dead giveaway that summertime has finally arrived is ice cream!  Whether you are a hard ice cream fan or a frozen custard aficionado, it’s safe to say that everyone has their go-to cone that they can’t wait to order once the weather breaks.  We had a little fun with PBS, NPR and WNED|WBFO inspired ice cream flavors.  Thank you to the staff for their awesome submissions!




Call The Midwife’s Yummy Chummy - Pickle flavored ice cream with chucks of pepperoni in it.

Cookie Monster Munch - Blueberry ice cream with Monster cookie pieces.

Downton Abbey Lane Lemon-Lime - English cream (crème anglaise) ice cream with a hint of lemon-lime flavor, served on the "upper crust" of a piece of pie "dough."

Lawrence Welk's Wunnerful Wasberry - Raspberry ice cream with a splash of pink champagne and Pop Rocks.

Celtic Thunder-n-Lightning Chocolate Mint Cream - Mint Chocolate Irish Cream liqueur ice cream with chocolate pieces and thin swirls of green mint syrup.

WNED Classy Cow - Chocolate ice cream with blue and red sprinkles.

WBFO Newsberry - Blueberry ice cream with chunks of dark chocolate.

NPR - Chocolate ice cream with Nougat, Pralines and golden Raisins.

PBS and J - Peanut butter and jelly ice cream.

The War of 18 Flavors – Eighteen different flavors wage battle on your taste buds.

Can you think of any great flavors inspired by PBS, NPR and WNED|WBFO?  Share your creativity below!  

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