Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Season in Review

Now that summer is here our favorite PBS shows are taking a well deserved break.  What did you
think of the season? Any new shows appealed to you? What are you hooked on? I enjoyed the second season of Call the Midwife. I think the cast is adorable and it’s great to see a group of women work as a team instead of the common -placed cat fighting, backstabbing, revenge themed story line that is typical of the prime-time TV line-up.  The newbie Mr. Selfridge has my vote for best new series. I’m a fan of Jeremy Piven and I think he brought some spunk to the character. I’m excited to see what the next season has in store! What about the local productions?
Did you catch WNED’s  1812 on the Niagara Frontier? It was definitely a  learning tool and a testament to the regions deep rooted history. A New Season for the Bisons & Blue Jays offered an exciting peek into the two team’s current season and what’s in store for their relationship in the years ahead.
Lastly, the shocker of the season….Downton. (If you are still hiding under that rock please don’t read the next part). The death of Matthew Crawley was the most unexpected event of the season. It left many fans heartbroken and at a loss for words (many were just the opposite). Moving forward it will be interesting to see how the loss of perhaps the most adored character on Downton Abbey will take its toll on the series. What do you think? I think the die-hard "Downtoners" will continue to watch and the show will continue on with its high ratings. Outside of the return of Downton in January 2014 (with newly added Paul Giamatti), I am most excited for the return of Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Those who love Sci-Fi got a glimpse of the two separately on the big screen this past year with The Hobbit and Star Trek but I’m ready for them to come back to Masterpiece Mystery!  
That’s it for me.  Now it’s your turn. Give us your review of the shows you loved, hated or can’t wait to see in the fall. Until then what are you tuned in to? Oh and keep in mind that many of your favorite PBS shows are available to view online for a limited time (just in case you can't get enough).

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