For more than 50 years, viewers have turned to member-supported WNED ǀ WBFO Buffalo-Toronto as a powerful and trusted resource. Today, WNED ǀ WBFO is a leading bi-national public broadcasting  organization operating two television stations and two radio stations, all locally programmed.  Programs and outreach explore and address interests relevant to the Buffalo and Toronto area.

WNED-TV produces original documentaries for local and national audiences. National productions include “War of 1812,” “The Underground Railroad: The William Still Story,” “Elbert Hubbard: An American Original,” “Frank Lloyd Wright’s Buffalo,” and “Niagara  Falls.”  Nielsen figures show that WNED-TV is consistently the most watched PBS member station in the U.S. during primetime.   

ThinkBright and Well/ WORLD TV features exceptional science, nature, history, investigative journalism, news and other nonfiction programs, as well as new programs with a global perspective.  Viewers can still find reliable health and wellness programming on ThinkBright and Well/WORLD TV.  

Classical 94.5 WNED is the area’s 24-hour classical music service.  The station harbors an ongoing broadcast and production relationship with the Grammy award-winning Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra.  The new series “Young Performers” features the most accomplished, young regional musicians who are achieving positive and cultural contributions through music. 

WBFO-FM 88.7 continues to produce award-winning news that makes it one of the top news stations in the area. The station is dedicated to providing the best in local news coverage to compliment national and world coverage from NPR and the BBC. Unique programming on the WBFO-FM 88.7 includes “Innovation Trail,” “Theatre Talk,” as well as Jazz and Blues music, and the station regularly files reports for NPR.

Education and outreach creates educational materials related to WNED ǀ WBFO productions. These materials, which are free, include lesson plans, classroom posters and comprehensive program websites. WNED ǀ WBFO is the coordinating station for PBS TeacherLine NY and promotes literacy through projects like the annual PBS KIDS GO! Writers Contest.

Regardless of platform, all content serves the same purpose: “to enlighten, inspire, entertain and educate” all who tune in. With your support, WNED ǀ WBFO continues to create and broadcast content that makes a difference — objective information, intelligent entertainment and enlightening perspectives — in the next half-century and beyond.