Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Way Back Wednesday: A TV Timeline

By Annmarie Dean

Since we signed onto the air in 1959, the face of television technology has dramatically changed. Luckily, WNED-TV has been there every step of the way and I’ve complied a little timeline to illustrate these changes.

1959- Signed onto the air while broadcasting over 50 hours per week. Of course, television is still black and white at this time.

1968- Began installation of a new color-capable antenna and transmitter which can reach eight counties in Western New York and as far north as Toronto, at this time, WNED is boasting the most powerful television signal in the state.

1974- Channel 17 goes all color

1978- Channel 17 switches to satellite.

2009- WNED-TV goes digital

Do you remember any of these memorable moments in television technological history?

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