Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Top 10 Fun Facts about Barbra Streisand

By Steve Karosik


We’re all excited for Barbra Streisand’s new concert special “Back To Brooklyn” which airs on WNED-TV on Friday, Nov. 29 at 9 p.m. In honor of that, here are some fun facts that you may not know about the singer.

1) While mostly known for her music, Barbra also directs films, including “The Prince Of Tides” which was nominated for seven academy awards.

2) She was born “Barbara”, but changed her name…slightly. She had this to say about it: "Well, I was 18 and I wanted to be unique, but I didn't want to change my name because that was too false. You know, people were saying you could be Joanie Sands, or something like that. (My middle name is Joan.) And I said, 'No, let's see, if I take out the 'a,' it's still 'Barbara,' but it's unique."

3) Barbra won an Oscar for her song “Evergreen” in the film “A Star Is Born”

4) “The Barbra Streisand Album” was the title of Barbra’s first album, released in 1963 on Columbia Records.

5) Barbra made her Broadway debut in 1962 in the play “I Can Get It For You Wholesale” and was nominated for a Tony award for her performance.

6) Barbra is the only artist to ever earn all of the following awards: Oscar, Tony, Emmy, Grammy, Golden Globe, Cable Ace, Peabody, and A.F.I. Lifetime Achievement. Phew!

7) Being a singer wasn’t Barbra’s first objective; it was being an actress.

8) Barbra was close to becoming the First Lady of Canada. Barbra was dating Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau in 1969, but turned down his proposal to marry her.

9) Barbra was one of roughly a dozen celebrities who made the political enemy list of Richard Nixon, along with Paul Newman and Jane Fonda.

10) Barbra has the 3rd most Top 40 selling albums, #1 being Frank Sinatra.
She is the Female artist with most albums sold in U.S.

Remember to tune in on Friday, Nov. 29 at 9 p.m. to WNED-TV to see Barbra’s stunning recent performance of her greatest hits. Keep her vivid history in mind as you’re watching!

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