Thursday, September 5, 2013

September is Literacy Month

By Patricia Ragin, WNED / WBFO Education & Outreach

Clifford The Big Red Dog, designed for children ages 3-7, is the animated television series based on the books of the same name and uses classic storytelling to present universal social, emotional, and moral messages to young children. These fun-filled episodes follow Clifford and his pals as they play, discover and interact with each other and the inhabitants of Birdwell Island, learning that good friends are what life is all about. The stories are fun, gentle and kid-relatable — they deal with issues that kids are experiencing: whether it's bragging, not wanting to share or learning that telling the truth is the best policy. More importantly, though, they learn that the world is out there to be discovered with gusto.

Clifford the Big Red Dog surprised the Boys & Girls Club of Buffalo and the Community Action Organization. The Big Red Dog celebrated with activities, games, and story time.

A fictional children’s book character named Clifford the Big Red Dog helped celebrate Day of Caring and Unity Day by focusing on one of the nonprofit’s major initiatives, early childhood literacy to help children succeed.

Everyone young and old was excited to see Clifford. The key to early childhood success is to increase the number of children reading at or above grade level. If children are unprepared they will not be successful in life.

Volunteers supported the Boys and Girls Club and the Community Organization to help improve early childhood literacy. A total of 400 young children attended this event.

Clifford The Big Red Dog airs on WNED-TV, weekdays at 6 a.m. Visit for more information.

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