Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Thank you, teachers!

By Beth Fronckowiak, WNED/ThinkBright manager of learning/technology

How often do you speak to your child’s teacher? How often do you thank them for their work? Tuesday, May 7 is National Teacher Day. Please take this opportunity to think about everything your children’s teachers do for them every day. Your child spends most of their waking hours in school. It’s really like a second home. A teacher’s job goes beyond academics and test preparation. Your children are also learning social and emotional skills from their teachers. Who should they go to for help when being bullied? Their teacher. Who can show them how they should respond when an administrator says “Good Morning?” Their teacher. Who frequently gives guidance in developing and maintaining friendships? Their teacher. Who disciplines them when they step out of line (maybe literally!)? Their teacher. Of course, much of this is learned from parents, but teachers are really a valuable support that many people don’t think about. Teachers provide much more than test preparation. What can you give your children’s teachers? A simple, heart-felt thank you goes a long way.

PBSTeacherLineAs for us at WNED|WBFO we try to provide teachers with quality professional development and free resources. Teachers can get PD credit by taking PBS TeacherLine courses. These courses are facilitated completely online for teachers’ convenience. Semesters run throughout the school year and summer.

PBSLearningMediaTeachers can access thousands of free resources at PBS LearningMedia. There are lesson plans, videos, photos and other media to be used in the classroom. Content is organized by subject area and grade.

But what they really deserve and seldom get is a “thank you.” So, think about what your children’s teachers really do and give them the appreciation they have earned not only on Tuesday, May 7 but every day!

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  1. Excellent point! Thanks! And, thanks, teachers!