Thursday, May 30, 2013

Digital content gems from NPR & PBS

By Steve Karosik

Our content providers such as NPR & PBS give you plenty of entertainment and information on the radio and television airwaves, but here’s some great resources on their websites and mobile apps that you may not know about:

NPR Road Trip

If you’re a NPR listener that’s planning a road trip, this excellent feature on their website allows you to find area-specific NPR stations throughout your drive! Check out the ‘NPR Road Trip’ feature on their station finder page.



NPR Podcasts

If you miss one of your favorite NPR programs such as “This American Life”, “Car Talk”, “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!”, fear not; they are available on the web or through iTunes; usually the day after the program originally airs on the radio. You can even ‘Mix Your Own Podcast’ by creating a playlist of your favorite NPR programs. How cool is that?


PBS’s Constitution USA: Power Play Game

If you were on your high school debate team, this game is for you! Here’s the description from PBS:

“Do you know what powers are centered in Washington D.C. and which belong to the individual states? In Power Play, you’ll coach a team of players competing to win power for state or federal government! Teammates will offer arguments that, if persuasive, will pull power statues toward the side you’ve chosen. But use your players wisely — the wrong argument will make a player fall or even move the power toward the other side! “
Check it out right here.



Apps, Apps, and More Apps!

PBS currently offers not one, not two, but 5 iPhone apps:


• PBS News Hour

• PBS Kids Video

• PBS Parents Play & Learn

• PBS Kids Photo Factory

Be sure to check them out for great content for kids and adults alike!

NPR has two apps, one for News, and one for Music.

I highly recommend the music app for new artist recommendations.


NPR YouTube Channel

There’s an absolutely amazing array of informative, free content on NPR’s YouTube channel. There’s a Science series, featuring anything from ingredient analysis of a school cafeteria hamburger, to an explanation of our planet’s growing population.

My personal favorite is a delightfully animated, thoughtful series by NPR Science Correspondent Robert Krulwich titled “Krulwich Wonders”. This philosophical series explores such topics as “How Much Does A Hurricane Weigh?”.


These are just five examples of the great content that awaits you in the digital world of our content providers; we encourage you to explore their web sites to see what else you can discover!

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