Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Special Kind of Gift

By: Annmarie Dean

Volunteering is awesome.  It was during high school that I got my first taste of how rewarding and uplifting volunteering is; in order to graduate, each student had to clock a certain number of community service hours.  I’m proud to say that I went well above the required number because of how fulfilling I found volunteering to be. Volunteer Recognition Day on April 20 is perfect excuse to make a commitment to volunteer this year. 

Every year, WNED|WBFO recognizes the generous contributions of our volunteers who commit an invaluable amount of hours in the past fiscal year at the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. This past year, about 330 volunteers contributed 5,845 hours. That works about to be a $87,675 savings for our organization!   

Jonni_Moore&Dennis_PenmanJonni Moore was recently honored as WNED|WBFO’s 2012 Dennis Penman Volunteer of the Year.  Jonni volunteers for numerous events and pledge drives for the station. Not only does she help staff the audience services desk, but she is well known for her warm heart and thoughtfulness.

If you’d like to volunteer at the station, please email or call (716) 845-7025. 

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