Monday, November 26, 2012

Why NPR Music is Awesome

By Annmarie Dean

I really like NPR. Like a lot. And yes, I started listening to NPR before I landed a job at one of its member stations. I even read their blogs religiously; my personal favorite is The Salt (I learned all about the “chocolate” persimmon this week!).  Along with a love of all things NPR and food, there is also a huge spot in my heart that is reserved for music. I really enjoy new music from some of my favorite artists and being able to listen to full previews of new albums makes NPR’s First Listen a beautiful thing.

I’ve been able to listen to albums from Beirut, Kimbra, Tony Bennett, Miles Davis and so many more! It’s definitely worth checking out and you might even come across a new favorite musician. First Listen features quite the array of artists and there is something to satisfy everyone’s taste. If you see an album you like, listen to it on repeat as it only will stay up for a little over a week.

imageYou can access First Listen through your computer or take those albums on the go with you through the NPR Music app. Don’t forget that you can keep our stations at your fingertips too with the WBFO and Classical 94.5 apps!

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