Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tails of a Shelter Dog

By Megan Wagner

Misty, Snoopy and Sammy – the four-legged loves of my life. It’s an ongoing joke in our family that our dogs live better lives than most humans – without a care in the world and being waited on hand and foot (or paw). While no statement is more true, life wasn’t always so easy for two of my beloved pooches.

Misty (right) was truly my parents first born – and lived until the ripe old ageMisty pic of 18. She and her sister were found, as puppies, outside of the school where my mom taught, covered in fleas and shivering in the snow. We never did know what breed she was – just a pretty “mutt.”

After Misty passed away, we took a break from owning a pet, until Snoopy (below on the left) came along. Of all three of my family dogs, Snoopy has had the best life. He has the most hilarious happy-go-lucky personality and is notorious for being a chowhound. At the age of 13, Snoopy is around and kickin’ and is a successful recipient of doggie acupuncture for his hip.

Sammy (on the right) came into our lives in 2006, straight off the streets of Newark, NJ. He 6213_1175772670711_1119900880_30551552_5093720_nhad been abandoned, malnourished and was in desperate need of love. Now he’s king of the castle and is loved by everyone who meets him.

All three of our dogs are (and were) totally unique in their own way. But Misty and Sammy began their life the hard way – as strays. If it weren’t for the wonderful work that animal rescues and shelters do, many dogs wouldn’t have the wonderful outcome that they did.

As part of October’s Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, PBS KIDS® series Martha Speaks is getting the word out about shelter animals!  There are many online resources for parents and teachers to educate children about the importance of caring for animals and adopting from shelters.

If you’re looking for a four-legged friend to add to your family, please consider adopting from a shelter or rescue first. Don’t have a dog? Find out ways that you can help the cause! 

Martha, Snoopy and Sammy will all give you a big “paws up!”