Thursday, October 18, 2012

Classical Epiphany

By Peter Johnson, Classical 94.5 WNED Morning Classics Host
Hi! As your new host for Morning Classics, 6-10 a.m. on Classical 94.5 WNED, I hope you’ll catch our occasional off-the-beaten-path classical fare. In this era of “high-tech, know-everything,” it’s easy to be jaded and lose a sense of wonder. That’s why I love classical music, there’s a whole universe of classical to discover -- to give you a personal epiphany sometimes.

I still remember that starry night years ago while listening to “Symphony Mathis der Mahler” by Paul Hindemith. With music wafting through windows wide, we lay on a New Hampshire hillside, spying 31 meteors streak across the sky. Perfect music for it, radiant and enthralling. And you don’t even need to know the cool story behind it (about a 1500’s monastery, personal struggle, and Nazi persecution). It’s another layer of richness though. Next time maybe a link to that radiant music. Do you have a “personal epiphany” in music YOU want to tell here?

For now, here’s some “public art” in Spain, featuring another radiant tune you’ll know, and still an epiphany for many. 


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