Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Classical Music Month

Let it be known that September is Classical Music Month.  It is right and proper that Classical 94.5 WNED to take a moment to reflect on this.  When I was asked to write this post on the subject, my mind went right to an email I wrote earlier this week to a listener who questioned why she should continue her support the radio station.  Here is my response in part:

… there are many reasons to continue your support.  Our mission is to bring classical music to our region. We offer it for free to anyone who wants to be entertained, enriched, or inspired by this wonderful music. This radio station is the locus for the cultural life of our region, supporting the efforts of many local music and arts organizations. We offer things like the Fine Arts Report and interviews. We celebrate local excellence such as the BPO and we’re introducing our community to the next generation of local classical musicians as heard on our new program,Young Performers. 

Regardless of the personalities involved in the presentation, a community is enriched when they have a classical music radio station. As many cities across the country are losing classical music radio stations, we have remained strong because of the generosity of people like you. Because of that support, our kids are being introduced to classical music, old folks are being kept company, and a vibrant arts community continues to be supported.  

We celebrate Classical Music Month every single day and hope that you do too.  We may not play what you want all of the time, but it beats the alternative of not hearing classical music at all. 

I’ll ask that if you feel that classical music is important in your life or for this community, do something affirmative during September to show it.  You may not want to be a member of Classical 94.5 WNED…for now, I’ll accept that.  However, you could do many other things, for example: 

·        Donate that dusty instrument in your closet to the Music is Art Instrument Donation program.

·        Buy some classical concert tickets and give them to a friend or relative for a birthday, holiday, or upcoming celebration. 

·        Even if you are not related to them, go to an elementary school concert and cheer on the young musicians.

I am sure there are other ways to celebrate; I’d love to hear your ideas!

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  1. Hi,
    When I read the following phrase I hope it was not referring to one of your classical radio hosts, although I am afraid it was:
    "Regardless of the personalities involved in the presentation"
    I have to add that one of your afternoon hosts gives the impression of haughtiness that I find very off-putting. I believe he begins hosting at 2 pm. I don't want to be unduly critical, but I have felt this way for the last couple of years - so this is not a snap judgement. On the other hand, I really enjoy listening to Stratton Rawson and Peter Hall. Thank you for an excellent radio station.