Friday, November 18, 2011

Factoid Friday: Fact #1

By Annmarie Dean

We produce a lot of TV and radio programs here at WNED.  I bet that you didn’t know that we are the producers of a PBS writing contest for children in Kindergarten through third grade. In fact, our 15-year “Reading Rainbow” contest has been re-branded into the PBS KIDS GO! Writers Contest.   

PBS KIDS GO! Writers ContestWhile information on the 2012 Contest is not available yet (check back in January), you can still visit the interactive website and read the winning stories from last year. 

The greatest feature about the website is the Make-A-Mashup feature.  Children are able to create their own story using pieces of other stories written by their peers. They can pick out the place, character, object and words that they want used in their one page story. 

It’s actually a lot of fun (I created a Mashup while doing research for this blog post) and a great way to get and keep kids interested in reading!

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