Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Life of the PBS Party

By Misty Harris

The life of a PBS character can be quite grueling. The social responsibilities are exhausting. With all of the partying and public appearances that have to be made, there is hardly anytime to just relax and breathe. Yesterday, I took a glimpse into a day in the life of PBS Kids “It Boy” Super Why who just happened to be in town, making stops at Buffalo Public Libraries and day care centers around WNY. I met him and a friend of his, WNED’s Pat Ragin, at a special VIP appearance the Buffalo Public Library’s downtown location.

why6Although it was raining and the sky was ominous, there were plenty of fans awaiting his arrival. His smile was big and his energy was on full blast. Boys and girls alike ran up to him for a hug or just a quick high-five as a symbol of appreciation. On lookers and passers by stopped and walked over to see what the fuss was about. “Kids” well out of Super Why’s target demographic appeared to be more excited than his true fans. “Can we take a picture?”  was heard several times over and with a quick nod of approval or a thumbs up SuperWhy was eager to please. why1

Even though he didn’t say much, he was able to fill lots of hearts with joy, bring sunshine to an otherwise cloudy day. I was able to catch him in the act, playing horseshoes and ring toss. He was definitely the life of the party!  But the day was not entirely about games and snacks (there was an awesome array of cupcakes).  It was educational as well. He helped his friends with their colors and counting as well. Party favors were passed out and fans showed their appreciation by creating personal portraits of their brainy friend.

why2As Super Why left the party (yes, he had another fabulous entrance to make in another part of town), his presence at the library continued to cause a stir.  Clusters of people stood about, silently showing their appreciation. I could hear the voices of a few young ladies who were not quite certain they wanted to go up to him and say hello but stopped and watched as he walked away. We hugged and I thanked him for letting me be apart of his hectic schedule.  He didn’t have time to talk, he had places to go and people to see! 

I was a little bummed. But then I thought WNED Kidfest is right around the corner and I’m sure I’ll see him and Clifford (who recently made stops in Buffalo as well) at an even bigger party where I have a feeling from past experiences, the competition to meet and greet will be a little stiffer!

* The word around town is that Super Why will be at these two locations before jet setting off to another city! Stop by and be prepared to have some fun!

Thursday, August 11 from 11-12 p.m. at the Lackawanna Library

Friday, August 12 from 10-11 a.m. at the E. Delavan Library

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