Monday, June 27, 2011

Pledge Driven

WNEDvolunteers by Misty L. Harris

At 6 in the morning on any given week, I'm usually abusing my alarm clock and am thankful for my snooze button. But not today. Today is a special day - a day we like to call Pledge Day!

While most of WNY and Southern Ontario are still hiding under the covers trying to fight that early summer sun, the early risers are up and at it, getting themselves ready for another hard day's work. What better way is there to start the day than with Shari Barbour and Classical 94.5? (I know, I know it sounds like a pitch). Now while I'm not a morning person, I become one during pledge. I get inspired by Mary, Helen, Rose and all of our WNED volunteers (up at the crack of dawn) who "may have" something better to do but have chosen to be with us instead.

The pieces that Shari, our morning host, plays takes the morning blahs away and give me a jolt more so than any cup of java can do (or tea - I'm a tea drinker). She knows. She gets it. Her pieces tend to say "Get up! Get moving! Time to start the day!” And with that, the first, second and third phone rings. Now, we all have become inspired! "This is worth it," the unspoken comment in Studio A, lingers through the air.

With five minutes left in the first hour, the adrenaline is revving up in our bodies and we anxiously peer through the studio glass to see the numbers fall. Someone shouts "DID WE MAKE IT?" (that shout alone is enough to wake you up) and the room becomes still. The pressure is on and after the last "click, click, click" of the calculator is heard, the tally person replies "We made it!" As soon as our satisfaction arises, it goes away. It's only 7 in the morning. But, with that satisfaction comes the relief that You got up! You started moving! You made the phones ring! You know the value of Classical 94.5. You get it!

To show your support of Classical 94.5, please call 1-877-511-1017 or pledge online today!


  1. what a way to start my morning some encouraging words.......Im up ready to go getting things done I got it!!! Im moving, Im moving!!!