Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In with the new

by Megan Wagner

Welcome to the first-ever blog from WNED!  Our team has been working very hard planning this project and we’re thrilled to share stories and insights of the entire WNED organization with our readers.

I joined the WNED team this past December after serving several years in the retail for-profit sector. But to say that I’m new to public broadcasting isn’t exactly SESAME STREET Program Mainaccurate.  It all began with a couple of characters from “Sesame Street” in the early ‘80s.  My parents often made references to these characters while teaching me life’s lessons. “Be kind like Big Bird,” “Don’t act grouchy like Oscar the Grouch” (I think I heard that one the most).  I even had a Bert and Ernie cake for my 2nd birthday.  Today as an adult, I enjoy the amazing local programs WNED produces such as “Don’t Touch That Dial” and “Wineries of Western New York and the Finger Lakes” and am always learning something new about the WNY/Southern Ontario areas.

In some way, shape or form, public broadcasting has impacted our lives more than we probably realize.  Whether we connect at a young age with “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood” or become enlightened as an adult through programs such as “Frontline” or NPR’s “On Point,'” we find that our minds can learn cool and exciting things at any age.  I hope our blog will allow our readers to learn something new about WNED or maybe even public broadcasting in general. 

What are your earliest or fondest memories of public broadcasting?  Please comment below and let us know.

Finally, if you’re feeling grouchy like Oscar the Grouch today, check out this video and sing along.  Trust me, it will make you feel as cheery as Elmo!

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